The summer weather in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana is characterized by high heat and humidity, and a reliable air conditioning system is a necessity. Modern AC equipment cools, dehumidifies and conditions indoor air while requiring far less power than earlier models. In fact, a new 21 SEER air conditioning replacement unit can save up to 44 percent in monthly cooling costs when compared to an older 10 SEER system installed just over a decade ago.

Designed for Better Comfort

The success of any new air conditioning installation is rooted in the design portion of the project. Every building is thoroughly analyzed to establish its distinctive energy consumption characteristics. This includes determining the total cooling load for the entire home and each individual room.

ACCA Manual J is the industry standard used to determine cooling load requirements. It accounts for many construction and structural elements that affect energy consumption including:

  • The size of the building
  • Perimeter envelope tightness
  • The local climate history
  • Insulation R-Values
  • The K-value of windows and doors
  • Measured duct leakage
  • Internal generated loads

It is an unfortunate reality that despite incredible advancements in technology, some HVAC contractors continue to use discredited sizing methods when selecting AC equipment. Formulas like the “square feet per ton” method fail to properly account for the distinct differences in construction materials between two homes of identical size.

Failing to verify the building’s true load will often result in an air conditioner replacement that short cycles, which can negatively affect humidity control and degrade indoor comfort. A larger AC replacement system is also more expensive to purchase, which forces consumers to pay for excess capacity they will never actually use.

The problems that affect an undersized air conditioning installation are even worse. In some instances, the equipment will not be able to satisfy the indoor load when the temperature outdoors is extreme. The occupants in the home remain uncomfortable, and the additional runtime hours can result in unwarranted wear on critical components. In some instances, the system will fail prematurely and require an unexpected air conditioner repair or another expensive AC replacement.

Our Comfort Expert will provide you a selection of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and indoor air quality options designed specifically for your home or business to meet the comfort needs of your family or facility. In addition to an in-home estimate and consultation to review and discuss the options, our comfort expert will provide a written quote. You will have all the information you need to make the best informed decision.

Complete Professional Installation Services

At Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, we look forward to providing you the service of a complete professional installation. Your Comfort Expert is involved in the step-by-step process of your experience, design, execution and followup at the close of the installation. Our factory trained installers will engage with you in the actual AC installation process making sure you know how to work your new system. For both replacement and add-on applications, we perform our work in a clean an orderly manner.

Professional AC Installation Services

When the appropriate design is finished, our factory-trained mechanics will engage in the actual AC installation process. For both new construction and air conditioning replacement applications, we always inspect the job site to compare the prevailing conditions to the mechanical plan.

Once the old equipment is removed, the refrigerant is recovered and the furnace or air handler is set and transitioned to the existing ductwork. For new systems, the air distribution network is installed, sealed and performance tested.

After the equipment is set, the unit is charged with refrigerant, and the final electrical and mechanical connections are completed. The technicians will start the system and perform a complete check and test to the design specifications.

Better Comfort and Savings with Our A/C Installation

At Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that reliability, comfort and savings are all factors when considering a new air conditioner replacement or add on to your home. Please contact one of our representatives to learn more about the many advantages afforded by an energy efficient heating and cooling system.