Committed to a Safe Work Environment for our Workers

0-injuries-300x225Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. maintains and implements safety and health programs on all jobsites. With ongoing training, support, planning and supervising our team is committed to a safe working environment. We take all action necessary to follow and execute a ZERO INJURIES Safety Motto.

Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Safety Coordinator and AMC Safety committee direct our safety program supporting project managers, project foreman and works through out each job. AMC complies with federal, state and/local requirements and regulations as well as all provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is committed to a safe work environment for our workers and takes action to implement the ZERO INJURIES safety program every day on every job. With a strong safety record AMC is able to keep insurance costs low and pass those saving to our customers by following these procedures:

  • Take all action necessary in engineering, planning, designing, assigning and supervising work operations to establish and maintain safe and healthful working conditions on all projects.
  • Implement a safety plan that will direct safety and health programs on Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. job sites and to maintain compliance with federal, state and/or local statutory requirements or regulations.
  • Establish responsibility and accountability for the safety program.

How we do it….

  • Communicate to prevent accidents.
  • Promote teamwork and give everyone the opportunity to exchange ideas.
  • Protect workers and to prevent work-related injuries with use of “Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE)
  • Assess work areas for possible hazards
  • Provide training on safe work practices
  • On-staff Safety Director for all our safety compliance needs
  • Established Safety Committee for implementing safety programs

For questions on Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Safety and Health Programs, please contact