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HVAC Replacement: Providing the Best Solutions for your Comfort Needs

Purchasing a new furnace and air conditioning system requires a great deal of thought and evaluation. The friendly professionals at Amber Heating & Air Conditioning can help direct you through the entire process so that your system continues to provide abundant comfort and efficiency through numerous years of consistent service. With more than 65 years to our credit, Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana residents know they can rely on Amber for topnotch HVAC service every time.

Heating and Cooling Load Calculation

Properly sizing HVAC equipment is the first and one of the most critical steps for a successful installation. Amber’s design consultants use industry-recognized load calculations to precisely measure a home or office’s heating and cooling requirements. These calculations take such things into account as square footage, airflow, the number of occupants, windows and more. The end result is a system that’s designed specifically to provide optimum comfort to the space it serves.

Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance programs have been developed to help improve equipment performance and minimize the chance of a breakdown during harsh weather. Customers who purchase an annual maintenance plan continue to fulfill the manufacturer’s warranty conditions and enjoy a variety of additional benefits. Services include cleaning condensers, burners, blowers and heat exchangers, thorough system inspection, confirming the refrigerant level, tightening connections, lubrication and adjustment as required.

Air Conditioning Service
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When your furnace or air conditioning unit malfunctions, it should be repaired by a NATE-certified technician. On the jobsite, our techs work rapidly to find the source of the problem. Most common parts are carried on our service vehicles, so many air conditioning repairs are completed in just one visit.


It can be extraordinarily frustrating to endure an HVAC equipment breakdown when the weather is severe. Some small dealers do not have sufficient resources to work on several jobs at the same time. We have always maintained a strong commitment to air conditioning service that is consistently demonstrated by our investment in training, staff, vehicles and inventory.

Furnace Repair, Installation and Replacement Services

During extreme winter weather, a dependable furnace is a necessity. Homes with elderly occupants or children are particularly reliant on the uninterrupted operation of a reliable central heating appliance.

Modern furnaces contain a wide array of mechanical and electrical components that endure excessive operational stress, especially in areas that experience extreme weather like Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. When a heating system malfunctions, it is critical to locate an HVAC contractor who is well-versed in every facet of furnace replacement and repair.

Understanding the Furnace Repair Process

At Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how unsettling an unexpected furnace breakdown can be. If the weather is very cold, the situation can easily turn into an emergency. To compound matters, contractors have their heaviest workload when the weather is unusually severe. When you need a furnace repair, our courteous representatives respond to every customer inquiry in an expedient manner. NATE certified technicians possess the training and experience to locate the source of the failure and affect the appropriate repairs. All systems are restored to total functionality, and we will never charge more than the final estimate.

Most furnace malfunctions are caused by clogged filters, damaged ignition systems, broken relays and restrictions in the air distribution network. Mechanical side problems include worn bearings, a cracked heat exchanger, a burned out motor and deficient burners. Furnace service is essential for systems that are emitting unusual smells or noises since your family’s health and safety can be compromised.

Complete Furnace Installation Services
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When operating and repair costs become excessive, homeowners may recognize the need for a furnace replacement system. The success of any furnace installation is rooted in the design phase of the project. Professional certified technicians always determine the nominal load for the entire building and each individual room. Establishing the precise heating requirements for your home or office will provide the basis for selecting the appropriate heating equipment capacity.

AFUE Ratings

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) developed the Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) standard in order to give consumers a simple way to compare the relative efficiency of different furnaces. The rating number is a reflection of the amount of fuel that is directly converted into usable heat energy during the burn process. For example, a furnace with a 90 AFUE rating only exhausts 10 percent of the energy it consumes in the form of waste gas.

Air Conditioning & Heating Installation Orland Park & Oak Lawn Area

Some homeowners are still using older standing pilot furnaces that are rated at 65 AFUE or lower. These units are quite expensive to operate and contribute to environmental contamination. Upgrading to a new high-efficiency furnace can save up to 50 percent on annual fuel costs while providing superior indoor comfort.

The Installation Process

At Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, complete customer satisfaction is our only measure of success. In retrofit applications, our professional certified technicians inspect the existing duct system to locate gaps, breaches and loose connections that steal energy and create dangerous negative pressure leaks. Every new heating system is performance verified and air balanced before the job is completed.

Complete Furnace Service

If you reside in Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana, we invite you to learn more about our full array of comprehensive HVAC services. At Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, we develop a total solution for every heating and AC challenge.