Building Automation Controls Services

Lower your energy and operating costs, and increase comfort by integrating a Building Automation System (BAS). Utilize the full operation of equipment at your facility through:

Building Automation Controls Solutions

  • Temperature Controls (HVAC Automation)
  • Lighting Controls
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Custom Interface Solutions

BAC-2Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is ready to put our skills to work for you and provide solutions in all types of facilities including: industrial manufacturing, commercial buildings, office environments, churches, libraries, schools, retails stores, banks, R&D facilities, municipalities and colleges.

When you hire Amber Mechanical for your building automation and control needs you get a team with experience and the tools needed to give you control. You will enjoy:


  • Certified and professional technicians trained on DDC & HVAC system utilize the benefits of open protocols, such as: LonWorks, BACnet and MODBUS
  • Expertise in turnkey installations
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service available for programming and technical support
  • Remote communicate with your system for trouble shooting or immediate response
  • Design of energy efficient solutions customized to your facilities needs
  • Reduce your utility costs, ensure comfort while improving your company’s bottom line
  • Secure financing packages that are positioned to utilize energy savings to pay for capital improvements

Amber Mechanical Contractor, Inc. is focused on saving you money, improving building environment and increasing property value – while providing open interoperable systems. Contact us for additional details on how your business can be improved using our Building Automation Controls Solutions.